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Posted by on Dec 27, 2023 in Music, News, Powerpop | 3 comments

Best Power Pop Albums of 2023

Best Power Pop Albums of 2023

Below, you’ll find our annual list of the 23 top power pop albums and EPs of the year. More accurately, it’s the top 23 albums and top 3 EPs. Truth be told, since we only review albums and EPs that we like, there were many worthy releases to choose from. Wily veterans and first timers. Pioneers and chart climbers. So here we go. Here’s the year’s best power pop “records”.

And please, feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below.

The 23 Best Power Pop Albums of 2023

  1. The RalliesIt Must Be….                                  
  2. MeyermanHappy To See You                        
  3. Dave Kuchler Love + Glory                          
  4. The Summertimess/t             
  5. Bill LloydLook Into It                             
  6. Foreign FilmsMagic Shadows                        
  7. Mike ViolaPaul McCarthy                             
  8. The DecibelsWhen Red Lights Flash             
  9. The TearawaysAnd For Our Next Trick         
  10. The Whiffs Scratch ’n’ Sniff
  11. Ian BaileyWe Live In Strange Times                          
  12. Dan KiblerIdiomatic    
  13. P. HuxAs Good As Advertised
  14. Liquid Mikes/t
  15. VariousRedrawn: A Tribute to The Pencils     
  16. Ryan AllenThe Last Rock Band
  17. The On & OnsLet Ya Hair Down
  18. Steve StoeckelThe Power of And
  19. Scott Gagner Reverse
  20. Ed RyanA Big Life
  21. The Midnight CallersRattled Humming Heart
  22. Richard TurgeonLife of the Party
  23. The SpeedwaysTalk of the Town

Best EPs of 2023

  1. Jamie HooverTop Banana
  2. The New FrustrationsLifetime
  3. Summer Blast 2 (Big Blast Sampler)

Note: Each title is a link to the album’s corresponding review from earlier in the year. Reviews are pending for Liquid Mike and The Whiff’s Scratch ‘n’ Sniff. You”l find those in early 2024. And finally, Jamie Hoover’s Top Banana is a project I was involved in so let’s add that disclaimer.

Share Your Top Power Pop Album Picks

The nature of best of lists is that everyone has their own (kinda like you know what). That being the case, I’m sure you have some thoughts. I encourage you to tell me where I went wrong and what your picks are. I’d love to know.

Next week: Top power pop singles of 2023. Stay tuned.


  1. Wow, this really just blew our minds, ‘It Must Be Love’ selected as the best album of 2023 by Richard Rossi at Power Pop News! ✌

    -The Rallies

  2. Alot of my favorites on your list here. No doubt found out about them here.

    My Top 50 Power Pop Albums of 2023

    1. The Rallies – It Must Be Love
    2. Semisonic – A Little Bit of Sun
    3. Justin Levinson – Collamer Circle
    4. The Anderson Council – The Devil, The Moon…
    5. The Summertime’s – S/T
    6. The Lunar Laugh – In the Black
    7. The Lemon Sherbets – More Affordable Lemons
    8. Parallax Project – Autologous
    9. Frederick Julius – Lonely Boy
    10. The Bings – Power Pop Planet

    11. Tamar Berk – Tiny Injuries
    12. The Small Square – Ours & Others
    13. Uni Boys – Buy This Now!
    14. Rinehearts – Full Bloom
    15. Somerdale -Lets Get Started
    16. Dropkick – Wireless Revolution
    17. Marc Jonson & Ramirez Exposure – Turning On the Century Vol. II
    18. The Midnight Callers – Rattled Humming Heart
    19. Meyerman – Happy to See You
    20. The Decibels – When Red Lights Flash
    21. Chris Church – Radio Transient
    22. The Ransom & Subset – Perfect Crimes
    23. Reno Bo – Never Night Time On The Sun
    24. Cupids Carnival – Rainbow Child
    25. The Tearaways – And For Our Next Trick
    26. All Day Sucker – Feel Better
    27. Dave Kuchler – Love & Glory
    28. The In & Ons – Let Ya Hair Down
    29. Kurt Baker – Rock N Roll Club
    30. Armstrong – Happy Graffiti
    31. Portable Radio – Counting On Three
    32. Mountain Streams – If Only I Had A Map
    33. Novelty Island – Wallsend Weekend Television
    34. Dan Kibler – Idiomatic
    35. Hurry – Don’t Look Back
    36. Ian M. Bailey – We Live In Strange Times
    37. Thomas Walsh – The Rest Is History
    38. Blake – Plainsongs
    39. Ed Ryan – A Big Life
    40. The Ronson Hangup – Centaurus
    41. Pastis – S/T
    42. The Evening Sons – Tracks
    43. The Foreign Films – Magic Shadows
    44. Matt Warren – Waited A Little Too Long
    45. White Reaper – Asking For A Rule
    46. Cult Figures – Between Us & Heaven
    47. The English Rain – Borrowed Time
    48. Mason Lowe – Morning People
    49. Erik Voeks – It Means Nothing Now
    50. Used – Sensationalize

    • Hey Darcen – Thanks for leaving your top 50 list. There are more than a few that I’ve not yet heard. Thanks again!