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Posted by on Aug 28, 2023 in Music, News, Powerpop | 1 comment

Top Pop From Australia’s The Summertimes

Top Pop From Australia’s The Summertimes

In discussing their influences, The Summertimes’ Bandcamp page references bands such as The Go-Betweens, Teenage Fanclub, You Am I and The Smiths. To my ears, their sound is unquestionably Australian. I was immediately struck by similarities to some of Danny McDonald’s work. It’s worth noting that former Hoodoo Gurus producer Paul McKercher is behind the desk, too.

A Joyous Ride Thru Hookville

From the moment the guitars ring out in “Password”, you know you’re in for a joyous ride through hookville. With its lovely backing harmonies and catchy chorus, it’s a real inner. Producer Paul McKercher deserves a hand for the little touches such as the horn flourish just before the chorus refrain. Masterful.

“My Beautiful Girl Harbour” is another earworm. The guitars chime as it’s melody sweeps the listener away to a far away place. The lighter, semi-acoustic touch of “Where The Lights Hit The Square” is a lovely change of pace. Things pick up once again with the guitar jangle and spot on harmonies of “White Pointer”. Speaking of guitar jangle, “Sky And The Sea” features ornate guitar work and a melody that sticks like fly paper on a hot summer’s day.

One of This Year’s Best

From the writing to the execution to the production, this record sparkles. The Summertimes’ debut is a must listen for any fan of guitar driven, hooky power pop – especially those who remember P76, The Chevelles, DM3 or any of the top bands from down under.

Get your copy of The Summertimes’ new one from Apple Music, Bandcamp or anywhere fine music is sold.

1 Comment

  1. Soon to be released on CD via Kool KAt