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Posted by on Aug 10, 2023 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Scott Gagner – Reverse

Scott Gagner – Reverse

Scott Gagner’s Hummingbird Heart was this site’s top LP of 2019. The follow up, BloodMoon, was also enjoyable and featured Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello & The Attractions) and Steve Berlin (The Blasters). These two outstanding releases place Gagner in the “much anticipated” category. Set for an August 22 release, his new one entitled Reverse lives up to that expectation and more.

Each and every song moves the listener in some way. “My Glasses” is a bouncy tune reminiscent of any number of McCartney pieces. It’s strong melody and upbeat perspective (pun intended) get things off to a wonderful start.

An Unexpected Surprise or Two

I’ve always been a fan of songs that make cultural references, particularly when the subject matter is a well-known person. “Christine McVie” strikes all the right chords for me with its Mac-like vibe and hooky chorus. And as with all of Gagner’s albums, there’s an outlier. An unexpected, lovely surprise. “There Was A House Here” is a spoken word piece voiced to the sound of impending doom. As a point of reference, think back to the early 90’s and King Missile (“Detachable Penis”, “Martin Scorcese”). Frankly, I much prefer Gagner’s work to that of King Missile but perhaps that gives you a point of reference.

That said, I always find myself going back to “For Granted”. It’s a slower song – not usually my thing – but the melody is so strong and the performance so emotive that its unforgettable. The ornate trumpet flourishes are simply perfect. It’s one of this year’s best tracks.

Get Scott Gagner’s Reverse

And here’s another terrific surprise. Nick Frater joins Scott on the very Beatlesque “Never Could See Any Other Way” (video below). Pre-order this and the entire Reverse album at Apple Music, Amazon Music or Gagner’s Bandcamp page. Release date: August 22.