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Posted by on Dec 28, 2021 in Music, News, Powerpop |

20 Best Power Pop Albums of 2021

20 Best Power Pop Albums of 2021

Here’s this year’s “best of” list – the Power Pop News TOP 20 POWER POP ALBUMS & EPS OF 2021! And since one cannot in good conscience include one’s own EP on one’s own top pop list, I’d like to mention one thing first before we begin. Rumble Strip’s new EP, Let’s Roll, is available now through Bandcamp. Just sayin’.

And now, without further adieu….

Best 20 Power Pop Albums of 2021

  1. Ryan AllenWhat A Rip

Ryan Allen – What A Rip

2. Brent SeaversBS Stands for Brent Seavers

Brent Seavers – BS Stands for Brent Seavers

3. Jon FlynnCitrus

Jon Flynn – Citrus

4. Robert Harrison (Cotton Mather) – Watching the Kid Come Back

Robert Harrison – Watching the Kid Come Back

5. DoublePlusPopToo Loud, Too Fast, Too Much

Doublepluspop – Too Loud, Too Fast, Too Much

6. It’s Karma It’s CoolHomesick for Future Destinations

7. Rooftop Screamers Next Level

Rooftop Screamers – Next Level

8. Sandy McKnight & Fernando PerdomoSan Fernando Blast

Sandy McKnight & Fernando Perdomo – San Fernando Blast

9. Nick FraterEarworms

Nick Frater – Earworms

10. The EmbryosNational Absurdatory

The Embryos – National Absurdatory

11. Diamond HandsThank You

Diamond Hands – Thank You

12. Your AcademyS/T

Your Academy – S/T

13. David BrookingsMania at the Talent Show

David Brookings – Mania at the Talent Show

14. The On and OnsBack for More

The On and Ons – Back For More

15. The Peppermint KicksS/T

The Peppermint Kicks

16. The Boys With The Perpetual NervousnessSongs From Another Life

The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness – Songs From Another Life

17. Ed RyanDon’t Follow Where They Lead

Ed Ryan – Don’t Follow Where They Lead

18. Allan KaplanNotes On a Napkin

Allan Kaplan – Notes on a Napkin

19. Scott GagnerBlood Moon

Scott Gagner – BloodMoon

20. The Golden NeedlesWhat’s Tomorrow Ever Done For You

The Gold Needles – What’s Tomorrow Ever Done for You?

Best 3 Power Pop Eps

Braden Blake & The Oh WellsSatin Bows (And Arrows)

Braden Blake & The Oh Wells – Satin Bows (And Arrows)

David MyhrAnd Now This

David Myhr – And Now This

Rich WilliamsOrdinary Person

Rich Williams – Ordinary Person

Best 3 Non Power Pop Albums

Wanda JacksonEncore

John Hiatt & Jerry DouglasLeftover Feelings

Charlene & The Bluegrass CharlatansShe Don’t Never Fret