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Posted by on Jul 10, 2024 in Music, News, Powerpop | 0 comments

Terry Anderson & His Olympic Ass Kicking Team: Got To Be Strong

Terry Anderson & His Olympic Ass Kicking Team: Got To Be Strong

When I hear Terry Anderson & His Olympic Ass Kicking Team, I’m reminded of an old Trouser Press review. “Unpretentious to a fault, they will never make it commercially; their goal is little more than old fashioned fun…if homely good vibes don’t get you off, well, they probably don’t care.”  The subject of the review was NRBQ’s Tiddlywinks.

Rick Cornell of WHUP’s Ragged Gloryland (a show well with listening to if you’ve not heard it) appropriately refers to Terry Anderson & Company as “the NRBQ of NC”. I agree. One listen to his new album, Got To Be Strong, and you’ll know why these guys are worth caring about.

An Off-Center, Instant Classic

“Chainsaw Repair Shop” is the lead single from their latest and true to form,  it’s another off-center, instant classic. Terry makes a fashion statement with “My Bandana”, painting a humorous picture as he declares “my doggie looks so classy in that famous design”. 

The chiming guitars of “Regret Avenue” act as ornamentation for a catchy tune about a lesson not learned in time. Tales of failed relationships continue with the equally engaging “Dilapidated Heart” and “Doesn’t Exist”.

As good as the album is to this point (and it’s pretty damn good!), it gets better from here. We’re treated to the one of a kind, soulful vocal stylings of Don Dixon on the title track. And just when things seem dim, the uplifting “Best Day Ever” brings us back from the abyss. Hell – it’s the feel good track of 2024. Terry’s latest is a worthy successor to the equally good Jimmy’s Arcade (2017) so give that one a listen as well if you’ve not already heard it.

Get Terry Anderson’s Got To Be Strong

Terry Anderson & His Olympic Ass-Kicking Team is a North Carolina state treasure and deserve much more attention that they’ve received this far. But the truth is, as the writers at Trouser Press stated earlier, they probably don’t care. Still, let’s show ‘em some love. Pick up their latest, Got To Be Strong, at Kool Kat Musik.


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