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Pop. Rockabilly. Rumple Strip

Richard’s words and Dave’s music meet in that no-frills friendly diner off the interstate…Rumble Strip’s on the jukebox. All is right with the world.” Carl Cafarelli, This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio

“Drawing from jangle, Americana and straight up Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rumble Strip’s Let’s Roll has a big resonance.” Curt Vance, Powerpop Overdose

And Some Rockabilly, too….

Rumble Strip is the product of a coast to coast connection formed by North Carolina native Rich Rossi and CA guitarist Dave Nachmanoff. Having worked together on the John Wicks tribute album FOR THE RECORD: A Tribute to the Life of John Wicks, Rich knew that Dave was the right guy to put his words to music.

The resulting work, the 5 song EP entitled Let’s Roll, blurs the lines between power pop, rockabilly and Americana. The EP covers a lot of thematic ground, from the serious to the absurd. Nevertheless, there is a sense of familiarity that prevails. Mastered by Chris Ronan Murphy, it’s sure to sound great coming from your stereo or the speakers of a 53’ Pontiac.

Listen to select songs from Let’s Roll

Checkin’ Out

Adam West

Uber Driver