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Posted by on Nov 1, 2023 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Dave Kuchler – Love + Glory

Dave Kuchler – Love + Glory

For many of us, a pop song’s appeal has to penetrate a pretty thick, callused musical skin. We become more discriminating listeners over time. So, I understand those who claim “they don’t make great music any more”. That said, Dave Kuchler’s Love + Glory is proof to the contrary.

I wait months at a time for albums such as this one. The songs aren’t complicated but incredibly catchy. They bring back familiar memories of the Jersey shore and late night Bound Brook bars. They’re catchy, radio friendly pop nuggets with minimal production, casting the spotlight on the songs themselves. And each tune is worthy of being a headliner.

Havin’ a Field Day

The Americana swing of “All I Need” is a fine start. “Labor of Love” has a distinct Nick Lowe vibe to it while “She’d Rather Be With You” is a Marshall Crenshaw / early Beatles hybrid. Speaking of Crenshaw, Kuchler’s “In It With you” could pass for an outtake from Field Day. Time flies when the songs are this good.

Ten punchy pop nuggets, each embellished with jangly guitars and spot on harmonies, Love + Glory is the reason I spend an inordinate amount of time listening to new music. It reminds us that glory days haven’t passed us by. Not as long as guys like Kuchler are around.

Get Love + Glory Now

So what are you waiting for? Head right on over to Kool Kat Musik and pick up your copy of Dave Kuchler’s Love + Glory before supplies run out. You’d be nuts not to.