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Posted by on Dec 23, 2013 in Music, News, Powerpop | 2 comments

Top Powerpop Releases of 2013

Top Powerpop Releases of 2013

If you read this blog regularly then you know that we especially like to review power pop releases from artists in the southeast. You’ll note that this year’s best of list has a definite southern flavor to it.

You’ll find that each of these power pop releases were reviewed earlier in the year. Links are included to each review. Without further delay, here are my top ten power pop releases of 2014, the ones that were my “go to” discs when I absolutely needed to hear something outstanding:

1) Tim Lee 3 – Devil’s Rope
Proof that songwriters get better and better with age. They’re from Tennessee, and their live shows are GREAT. Think Neil Young & Crazy Horse meets X.
2) The Sun Sawed In Half – Elephants into Swans
If you like Jellyfish and XTC, you’ll dig this one. Every song’s a gem.
3) Todd Herfinal – Right Here Now
Picking up where The Meadows left off, Great melodies, hooks that stick.
4) The PopDogs – Cool Cats for Pop Dogs
“Kissing Alicia” will remind you of Milwaukee’s greatest power pop bands of all time, The Blow Pops. It’s radio friendly power pop.
5) Valley Lodge – Use Your Weapons
Remember The Sweet?…and Dave Hill is a pretty good writer too. From Cleveland and, as we all know, Cleveland rocks.
6) The Connection – Let It Rock
For fans of Chuck Berry, Rockpile, or even The Stones. Straight ahead rock ‘n’ pop.
7) The Wrong Words – Everything Is Free
If Mission of Burma, 20/20, and XTC collided, The Wrong Words are the residue. Best album cover of 2014 too.
8) Roseland – Roseland
Like Herfindal, roots-americana meets powerpop. Great melodies…and they’re from Greensboro NC.
9) A Fragile Tomorrow – Be Nice Be Careful
From Charleston SC, Mitch Easter produced and the Peterson sisters did background vocals. Very catchy, smart power pop.
10) Various – Drink A Toast to Innocence
David Myhr, Lannie Flowers, Mike Reukberg and other pop luminaries give classic tunes a new treatment, nearly every cut a winner.

I hope the above list and their respective power pop reviews have proven useful. Please feel free to comment on the above,  review these powerpop releases yourself or add your own selections by adding them to the comment section below.


  1. thanks for the list i´m searching for some good stuuf to buy and that´s a mine

    • Carlos – thanks so much for stopping by!