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Posted by on Apr 4, 2023 in Music, News, Powerpop |

The Tearaways – And For Our Next Trick

The Tearaways – And For Our Next Trick

The Tearaways had been out of my peripheral view since 1993’s See The Sound. So when their latest dropped into my lap, I had no real expectations. Frankly, I didn’t remember that much about them. And For Our Next Trick, their latest, is a very pleasant surprise. The hooks are plentiful, the attitude undeniable and it’s got the most memorable track of 2023 so far.

Influences are numerous on this one. “Not Good Enough For Me” is propelled by a Buddy Holly beat while “Come On Jaan” channels the reckless abandon of The Fleshtones. One can hear The Who in parts of “No Love Lost.” 

And the award goes to….

The über-jangly “Easier Done Than Said” is a real earworm while “Married and Single” is so catchy you’re sure to be humming along to it consciously or otherwise.

Greg Pope gave us the most memorable song of 2022 with “Sorry I Wrote This Song”. This year’s nomination has to go to The Tearaways’ “You Must Be Fu**ing Kidding Me”. With a delivery straight out of White Album era Beatles and immediate visceral appeal, it’s an instant classic. 

Out Now on Dirty Water Records

I can say without hesitation that And Now For Our Next Trick is the most fun I’ve had listening to a record in 2023 so far. Get The Tearaways’ latest at Apple Music, Amazon or Spotify.