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FOR THE RECORD: A Final Farewell LP

“It’s a power pop collection that packs unqualified credence.” (4 of 5 stars) – Lee Zimmerman, American Songwriter Magazine

“A much-needed collection that serves as a reminder of how important John Wicks’ music was to his many fans. Grade: AJohn Borack, Goldmine Magazine

“Tribute albums are rarely as enjoyable as this one.” Bill Kopp

The Work of a Power Pop Icon

Lead vocalist John Wicks was The Records. He and his songwriting partner, Will Birch, gave us classics such as “Starry Eyes”, “Hearts In Her Eyes” and “Hearts Will Be Broken”. Their songs were performed by the likes of The Searchers, Al Stewart and REM, just to name a few.

John was about to record the vocal tracks for his latest album before his untimely passing in late 2018. He and I wrote a few of these together. Upon his passing, friends such as Al Stewart, Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann), Peter Case, Don Dixon, Bill Berry (& more!) got together to sing in John’s stead, making for a final, moving tribute. It’s a very personal goodbye and a testament to how much John was loved by his peers. The project was masterfully produced by Jamie Hoover.

Listen to Select Tracks From FOR THE RECORD

“The Sun Sets Over London Town”


“In & Out Motel”