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Posted by on Jul 11, 2023 in Music, News, Powerpop |

The Midnight Callers – Rattled Humming Heart

The Midnight Callers – Rattled Humming Heart

New York’s The Midnight Callers have just released their second album. Entitled Rattled Humming Heart, it’s got one foot in today and the other in 1975. Think 70’s radio hits but with a more dense, layered sound. The best thing is, there’s no shortage of singles-worthy material here.

Swagger & Buzz Just Because

Things kick off nicely with a nod to my favorite glam act of the 70’s. “New York Tramp” has the vocal swagger and guitar buzz that Brian Connolly would have approved of. I immediately thought of Badfinger when I first heard the hooky melody and harmonies on “Baby Let Me Be”.  “The Plan” has more of a soulful sound not unlike Marshall Crenshaw, albeit much more layered.

The Midnight Callers are Chris Paine and Martin Stubbs on guitars and lead vocals, Marley Myrianthopoulos on bass and Julien Budrino on drums.

Want A Rattled Humming Heart?

There’s a lot to like on The Midnight Callers’ sophomore effort. Get Rattled Humming Heart at Kool Kat Musik, Amazon Music, Apple Music and anywhere fine albums are sold.