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Posted by on Jun 6, 2023 in Concert Reviews, Life, Music, News, Powerpop |

The Foreign Films – Magic Shadows

The Foreign Films – Magic Shadows

The Foreign Films have always leaned heavily on British Invasion influences. Just give a listen to 2018’s The Record Collector or 2020’s Ocean Moon (the latter making our “best of the year” list). As good as these were, Magic Shadows is step up as Bill Majoros’ compositions and the album’s arrangements are better than ever.

In the opening track, “Cinema Girl”, one can hear the Tom Petty (or is it Lou Reed?) in the singer’s voice. It’s an engaging character sketch and a first rate single. The slightly psychedelic overtones of “Sparks In The Dark (Merry Go Round)” will at once remind you of The Beatles and Seattle’s Green Pajamas. The song’s arrangement and instrumentation are especially reminiscent of a Jeff Kelly penned piece.

Ever wonder what the Beatles might have sounded like had they been born in Malibu instead of Liverpool? Wonder no more. Give the very entertaining “Daydream In The Sun” a spin. It’s a corker. But the best track of all is The Foreign Film’s answer to Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit In The Sky”. “Cosmic Lover” has it all – a great melody, memorable chorus and soaring harmonies. It’s not the gospel song Greenbaum set out to write but it’s heavenly nonetheless.

The Foreign Films are: Bill Majoros (lead vocals, guitars, drums, percussion, keyboards), Carl Jenning (bass, background vocals, additional guitar, omnichord), Rob Preuss (synthesizers, piano, organ etc), Jason Frederick (strings and horns, orchestral arrangements), Steve Eggers (background vocals “Midnight Movies” and “Cinema Girl”), and Dave Rave (background vocals on “Rain Clouds (Sunshine In Your Heart)”

Get The Foreign Films’ Magic Shadows

Magic Shadows raises the bar for all power pop releases moving forward in 2023. It’s that good. On a side note, it appears to be removed from Bandcamp so that isn’t an option, but you can get your copy at Kool Kat Musik, or Spotify