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Posted by on Dec 20, 2023 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Bill Lloyd – Look Into It

Bill Lloyd – Look Into It

2018’s Working The Long Game was evidence that Bill Lloyd hasn’t lost a thing. In fact, he’s gotten better with time. That brings us to his new one entitled Look Into It. In Bill’s words’ “On this new record I let myself kinda explore…..there’s actually a reggae song on this new record. I love that reggae, trance – what do they call it, rub-a-dub style.”

Referenced above, “Don’t Watch Me (Watch Yourself)” is one of several diversions from the norm on Look Into It. “Game Show Stars of the 70’s” is a spoken word recollection of the genre’s TV characters. “In The Wind” is a piece Lloyd wrote with The Cars’ Elliot Easton during covid. “Aroma Dollarhead” can best be described as (using Lloyd’s own words) “a Shel Silverstein on acid kinda thing…it’s a big rock sound on it”.

A Nod to John

Not many excel at hanging clever, memorable lyrical content on truly engaging, sing along melodies. With “Keep The Place Clean”, “Half Mast” and “The After Party Party”, he reminds us that he’s one of those few who can. “Keep The Place Clean” has the lyrical line of the year. If you can call Scorcese Marty, then you’re the winner of the after party party. Written years ago with Pete and Maura Kennedy, it’s a song about a stalker who isn’t looking for a victim but rather someone to clean house for him.

As for “Half Mast”, “That song was written this past spring….I had some time in the hotel room.  That’s what that came out of. John (Prine) had passed at that point. He’s always been a big influence. That was a nod to John”.

Get Bill Lloyd’s Look Into It

You can get Bill Lloyd’s Look Into It at all Apple Music or, should you prefer it in CD format, Bill’s website. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

NOTE: The quotes you see above are pulled from an interview Lloyd did with Michael Boswell, host of Music Night at the Majestic. I’d like to thank Michael as well as encourage you to investigate his web series.