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Posted by on Jan 3, 2017 in Music, News, Powerpop | 4 comments

Best Power Pop Albums of 2016

Best Power Pop Albums of 2016

Power Pop is a fairly broad genre, so the list below may be a bit too inclusive for some. That having been said, those listed below are the “power pop” albums I most often came back to for repeated listens throughout 2016. A few quick notes: Colman Gota’s Tape was actually released in 2015 however I’d not heard it until the beginning of 2016, hence its inclusion. Additionally, we’ll call The Heartless Devils’ The Devil’s Garage a mini – album as it was too lengthy to be considered an EP and a song or two short of a normal LP. Here are the Power Pop News’ 20 Best Power Pop Albums of 2016:

1. Cotton Mather – Death of The Cool

Cotton Mather Death of The Cool

2. Seth Swirsky – Circles And Squares

Seth Swirsky – Circles and Squares

3. Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms – Basement Punk

Not Just For Punk Pop Purists – Ryan Allen’s Basement Punk

4. Eytan Mirsky – Funny Money

Review: Eytan Mirsky – Funny Money

5. Nick Piunti – Trust Your Instincts

Pure Pop: Nick Piunti and Trust Your Instincts

6. The Legal Matters – Conrad

The Legal Matters’ Conrad

7. Michael Carpenter & The Cuban Heels – Ain’t Nothing Left To Say

Australian Power Pop: Melbourne Divide’s The Wellingtons & Michael Carpenter

8. Greg Pope – Guiding Star

Review: Greg Pope – Guiding Star

9. Charlie Faye & The Fayettes – S/T

The Soul Pop of Charlie Faye & The Fayettes

10. Colman Gota – Tape

Review: Colman Gota – Tape

11. SLD – Indigo Gray

CD Review: SLD’s Indigo Gray

12. The Well Wishers – Comes and Goes

Jeff Shelton & Well Wishers’ Comes and Goes

13. Wade Jackson – Whiskey Alpha Delta Echo

Review: Wade Jackson – Whiskey Alpha Delta Echo

14. The Jangle Band – Edge Of A Dream

Jangle Band – Edge Of A Dream

15. Chris Bolger – No Promises

Review: Chris Bolger No Promises

16. Cupid’s Carnival – Everything Is Love

Cupid’s Carnival, Procul Harum & Everything Is Love

17. Arvidson And Butterflies – S/T

CD Review: Arvidson and Butterflies

18. Tommy & The Rockets – Beer & Fun & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Tommy & The Rockets’ Beer & Fun & Rock ‘n’ Roll

19. The Heartless Devils – The Devil’s Garage

The Heartless Devils – The Devil’s Garage

20. Watts – Black Heart of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Review: Watts – Black Heart of Rock ‘n’ Roll

We’ll follow up with the best power pop singles of 2016 later this month. In the meantime, please chime in and leave a comment as to your favorites from 2016, anything I may have overlooked or perhaps should not have included. Finally, thanks to all those who stopped by The Power Pop News in 2016. I really appreciate your time and attention.


  1. Fantastic choices.

    • Thanks, Kai. If you can think of any you might have included that I did not, please feel free to let us know. Thanks again for reading.

  2. Thanks. I hadn’t seen this until now

    • Thanks for recording a really fine album.


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