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Posted by on Jun 1, 2021 in Music, News, Powerpop |

David Myhr – And Now This

David Myhr – And Now This

David Myhr gave us one of the 2018’s best LPs with Lucky Day. Myhr continues his collaboration with Brad Jones and Andreas Quincy Dahlbäck with And Now This, a four song EP that hits every sweet spot for this listener.

“We Wanted To Shine” opens with the chorus. It’s a neat songwriting trick but only if you’ve got a killer chorus – and here, he does.

As a songwriter you’re often looking for a starting point, an idea to spark off. One method I recommend to students is to simply start with a title.” The way the story goes, he found the title for the song in a coffee table book about Tom Petty.

Classic, Merrymakers style power pop is the rule here with “You Spin My Head Around” and “Egyptian Blue” being the kind of radio friendly, accessible tunes Myhr is known for. My favorite track may be the final one. “Rattled by You” is a bit more up tempo with crashing drums and a great little harmonica part. If this is a precursor to a forthcoming full length then sign me up now. I’m buying.

David Myhr’s And Now This is a must have for fans of his previous work or for that matter, anyone who has interest in the work of a master songwriter. Get it at the LOJINX website.  HIGHLY, and I mean HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.