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Posted by on Jan 26, 2021 in Music, News, Powerpop | 1 comment

Ryan Allen – What A Rip

Ryan Allen – What A Rip

When it comes to catchy punk pop, few can rival Ryan Allen. Ever since 2016’s Basement Punk (#3 on the Power Pop News best of 2016), Allen has displayed an uncanny ability to crank out one memorable hook after another. The appropriately named What a Rip is a departure of sorts in the sense that he’s got one foot planted in the 60’s. The other foot however, still firmly lies in gloriously loud guitars and monster hooks.

This new dynamic becomes immediately apparent from the outset, starting off with a lovely slice of glam rock called “Get to the Gig”. It’s easy to imagine Brian Connolly and The Sweet having a blast with this one. Once this damn pandemic blows over, I simply must hear it performed live.

“Already Gone” may have you thinking about The Monkees until you hear the way Allen has sewn together disparate parts in the way McCartney might. On first listen I’m not sure if “Feeling You Feeling Me” feels more like The Beatles, Monkees, Beach Boys or any number of other 60’s icons. I do know that it’s jaw dropping good – positively brilliant, in fact.

If Tom Petty floats your boat, you’ll really dig “On My Mind”. A front to back hook with guitar jangle to spare and harmonies galore, it’s yet another example of what makes Allen one of the best songwriters in the powerpop world.

I won’t go through every track but suffice it to say, Ryan Allen’s What a Rip is must listening for any fan of melodic pop/rock. It may only be January but I am quite sure that at year’s end, we’re going to look back on this album as one of 2021’s best power pop albums.

Release date is February 5 but you can PRE-ORDER Ryan Allen’s What a Rip at his bandcamp page. Frankly, you’d be crazy not to. And if you’d like to read more about the album from it’s creator, visit Sweet Sweet Music Blog for a great interview with Ryan Allen.

1 Comment

  1. Listened to first cut and totally loved it.


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