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Posted by on Jul 21, 2021 in Music, News, Powerpop |

The Peppermint Kicks

The Peppermint Kicks

Sal Baglio and Dan Kopko have released some fine albums in the past couple of years, the former with The Amplifier Heads and the latter with Watts. Their joint effort, The Peppermint Kicks, draws inspiration from some of the greatest power pop, glam and bubblegum bands of the past 40 years. They do so without leaning too heavily on any one influence, insuring that each song sounds fresh and immediate.

After hearing “When Rock ‘N’ Roll Met Your Dad”, its evident that these guys had parents who were much cooler than mine. A character sketch rooted in early 80’s Americana, the vocal delivery conjures up memories of The Fabulous Poodles’ Tony Demeur.

Fans of bubblegum (and who isn’t?) will really dig “Hey Fanzine”. The guys channel The Sweet in this one – and very possibly The Move. The songs “Stooge” and “Roxetta Jones” kick ass harder than a cross-eyed Rockette, as comedian Lord Carrett might say.

“The Morning Girls” is sneaky good. It’s a power pop-bubblegum hybrid, catchy as hell with a short but perfect guitar solo. It’ll place your head right back in 1975.

You’ll get a rock ‘n’ roll history lesson throughout ten extremely entertaining tracks. More fun than a barrel of Monkees, The Peppermint Kicks releases on July 23. PREORDER YOUR COPY HERE. Highly Recommended.