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Posted by on Dec 21, 2021 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Sandy McKnight & Fernando Perdomo – San Fernando Blast

Sandy McKnight & Fernando Perdomo – San Fernando Blast

San Fernando Beat was this publication’s best EP of 2020. Then, Sandy McKnight and Fernando Perdomo gave us San Fernando Blitz, a new 6 song collection of uber-catchy guitar pop tunes.  Now, the pair up the ante with the full length (and then some) LP entitled San Fernando Blast.

As first rate session musicians and song writers, expectations are high any time they put new material out. I’m pleased to say that San Fernando Blast clears that bar and then some. These guys truly embrace the power pop ethos – it’s all hook, no frills. Sonic paintings of roughly 3 minutes in duration, each one is better than the last.

Blast is such a smart record. Take for example, “C’mom C’mon C’mon”. Placing a very catchy chorus at the beginning positively demands your attention. The irresistible jangle of “Chloe’s Gone” or “Any Time of Day” bring back the best of the 80’s and memories of Elvis Costello or Tom Petty in their prime.

“Fake” is lyrically brilliant as is “Living On the West Side”, the latter of which is so catchy it’ll take up residence in your newly rent controlled head.

All that said, my favorite is probably “Facing the End of the World”. The chorus is a monster hook and the words…well, I wish I wrote ‘em. “I don’t know what I want but I want it right now. I may seem nonchalant but I’m having a cow”. Yup.

When brilliant ideas meet superb execution, this is what you get. One of the best albums of 2021.  Get your copy of Sandy McKnight and Fernando Perdomo’s San Fernando Blast at their Bandcamp page.