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Posted by on Nov 30, 2021 in Music, News, Powerpop | 3 comments

Braden Blake & The Oh Wells – Satin Bows (And Arrows)

Braden Blake & The Oh Wells – Satin Bows (And Arrows)

There have been only occasional Braden Blake sightings since 2004’s Year in Pajamas. For fans of one of Seattle’s greatest power pop bands ever, Super Deluxe, it’s like being stuck on a desert island with only your wife and turntable. Although you’d love to leave, there’s no way off of the island. To make matters worse, she threw your records in the Atlantic when she got fed up with your “lack of initiative”. But wait. Is that a life raft cutting through the morning fog? It’s Braden Blake & The Oh Wells and their new EP, Satin Bows (and Arrows), just in time for Christmas!

The Oh Wells, former Super Deluxe members Brian Kerrigan and Ira Merrill, join Blake on this five song holiday surprise that’s guaranteed to make you feel like a kid on Christmas Day again. “Satin Bows” starts things off with Blake’s introspective look at the holiday. As is his habit, he juxtaposes upbeat, catchy melodies with equal parts hope and cynicism.

The background harmonies behind the melancholy “Santa Make Me Handsome” make this one an instant Christmas classic. “A Bittersweet Noel” comes closest to that old, familiar Super Deluxe sound we know and love. Again, the harmonies steal the show.

The slower, bluesy “There’s No Green (This Christmas)” is a character sketch of a serviceman desperately missing Christmas at home. “They decorate the dining hall to jolly up the heat. I wish that we were arm in arm as I’m armed to the teeth. I’m caroling and hanging up this razor wire wreath this Christmas.”

Get Braden Blake & The Oh Well’s Satin Bows

Here’s the kicker. Satin Bows (And Arrows) is a “name your price” release on Bandcamp. There is every reason to get your copy. And since it’s an excellent EP, there’s every reason to pay what you can. Show your appreciation for great music. BUY IT HERE.



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