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Posted by on May 4, 2021 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Your Academy – S/T

Your Academy – S/T

Former Crash Into June members are back- this time as Your Academy – with a debut album that will at times remind you of the finest of the genre. With Adam Hill on guitar, the Big Star comparisons are inevitable. But there are glimpses of various other classic power pop outfits too; bands such as Raspberries, Shoes and even Material Issue.

The harmonies are superb throughout the entirety of the album. This is immediately evident with the opening track, “Why Don’t We”. The guitars ring and the chorus grabs you. “Heaven Knows” is all guitar jangle with a solo that sounds almost as if it were pulled off of the Destination Universe album. Again, the harmonies are spot on. “Better Alone Together” is classic late 80’s – early 90’s era power pop.

Brandon McGovern’s vocals take center stage on tracks such as “Bluff City”. His voice has an easy soulfulness to it that is very, very appealing. The album exits most appropriately with a McCartney-esque piano ballad. “My Lonely Life” further showcasing McGovern’s voice. It’s yet another gem among an album of standouts.

Irresistible Power Pop

In short, the songs are irresistibly catchy, the harmonies impeccable and the musicianship extraordinary. Your Academy has created on of 2021’s finest albums. If it’s the CD that you want, GET YOUR COPY AT KOOL KAT MUSIK. Get the digital version at Bandcamp.