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Posted by on Dec 27, 2018 in News | 2 comments

2018’s Best Power Pop Albums

2018’s Best Power Pop Albums

Below, you’ll find our list of the top 20 power pop albums (plus one) of 2018. Additionally, we’ve listed the best EPs and reissues of the year. They are as follows:

#1 David Myhr – Lucky Day

David Myhr – Lucky Day

#2 Danny Wilkerson – Wilkerson

Danny Wilkerson – Wilkerson

#3 The Stan Laurels – Maybe

The Stan Laurels’ Maybe

#4 The Supahip – Two Sided Face

The Supahip – The Two Sided Face

#5 Paul Collins – Out of My Head

Paul Collins’ Out of My Head

#6 The Greenberry Woods – House

The Greenberry Woods – House

#7 Bill Lloyd – Working the Long Game

Bill Lloyd – Working the Long Game

#8 P Hux – This is the One

P. Hux – This Is the One

#9 The Turnback – Spinning the Earth in Reverse

The Turnback – Spinning The Earth In Reverse

#10 Caddy – Ten Times Four

Tomas Dahl & Caddy – Ten Times Four

#11 Valley Lodge – Fog Machine

Dave Hill & Valley Lodge – Fog Machine

#12 Nick Piunti – Temporary High

Nick Piunti – Temporary High

#13 Rooftop Screamers – Volume 1

Rooftop Screamers Vol 1

#14 Van Go – Everyone Loves You When You’re Gone

Van Go – Everyone Loves You When You’re Gone

#15 Greg Pope – A Few Seconds of Fame

Greg Pope – A Few Seconds of Fame

#16 Richard Turgeon – Los Angeles

Richard Turgeon – Lost Angeles

#17 The Davenports – Don’t Be Mad at Me

The Davenports’ Don’t Be Mad At Me

#18 Dave Sheinin – First Thing Tomorrow

Dave Sheinin – First Thing Tomorrow

#19 Extra Arms – Headacher

Extra Arms – Headacher

#20 The Well Wishers – A View From Above

Well Wishers – A View From Above

#21 Mooner – Satisfaction Promise

Mooner’s Satisfaction-Promise

Best Power Pop EPs

Model Rockets – Are Back

Irwin – Ride On

Cupid’s Carnival – Clapham Junction

Best Power Pop Reissues (or retrospectives)

Hoodoo Gurus – Gold Watch

The Searchers – Another Night

Billy Bremner – Singled Out

Top Non Power Pop LPs

John Hiatt – The Eclipse Sessions

Graham Parker – Cloud Symbols

Rhett Miller – The Messenger


  1. some good albums here, but any list for me must contain Linus of Hollywood’s “Cabin Life.” It’s actually one of my favorite PP albums this decade. Also, I believe it’s getting a more “proper” release this February, but Jeff Whalen’s “10 More Rock Super Hits” was the best thing I heard all year, (thanks to an early preview via his pledge campaign) and I can already say its my AOTY for 2019. You’re in for a real treat if you haven’t heard it yet

    • Thanks for the heads-up on both of those. It’s appreciated!


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