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Posted by on Jun 5, 2018 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Richard Turgeon – Lost Angeles

Richard Turgeon – Lost Angeles

Lost Angeles is Richard Turgeon’s follow up to In Between The Spaces, one of this site’s favorite power pop albums of 2017. Fortunately, there’s no sophomore slump here. In Turgeon’s own words, Lost Angeles is “big sounding, California pop” and he doesn’t hold back on catchy melodies or jangly guitar.

richard turgeonThe above is most certainly true with the album’s single, “Big Break”. Thundering guitars give it an urgency that helps to make it a natural single and excellent lead-off track. “Waiting for You” crashes into the listener’s psyche with a very hooky chorus. “Be My Wife” isn’t what one expects from the title. It flat-out kicks ass.

As good as Turgeon is at crafting catchy California pop, he’s best when he veers from this template into a slightly oddball world. For example, the Weezer-like guitar crunch of “The Squirrel” is immediately memorable. It’s the lyrics that make this one special, though. You may never look at those little varmints in the same way again. “I Wanna Be a Shut In” is a priceless track whose lyrics express what every one of us has thought at one time or another.

If you like REM, Weezer, Bob Mould or Richard’s last LP, you’re sure to dig this one. It’s highly recommended. You will soon be able to pick up Lost Angeles on CD from Kool Kat Musik. It is currently available in digital form from Richard’s Bandcamp page.



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