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Posted by on Dec 11, 2018 in News |

The Greenberry Woods – House

The Greenberry Woods – House

After more than 20 years, Baltimore’s best are back! The Greenberry Woods have just released House, a collection of 14 tuneful gems that will please old fans to no end – and surely make some new ones, too.

Just as with Rapple Dapple, Big Money Item and the Huseman brothers’ Good News (this one under the band name The Stereo Twins), the hooks are fast, furious and plentiful. From the opening track, “Are You In Love Again”, it becomes evident that the guys haven’t lost a thing. The years just sorta melt away.

“You’ve Been Good” is propelled by a quick, steady beat and harmonies that make for one of those irresistible, sing-along tune. “Good Man Down” is as melodically pleasing a track as has been made this year. And the “hits” keep on coming. “Drop Away” may be the best track of all, with it’s deliciously distorted guitars and repetitive chorus.

Bottom line: The Greenberry Woods’ House is as catchy a slice of power pop as you’re likely to hear this year and will most certainly have a place on our year end list of best power pop albums. Get it from their Bandcamp page



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