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Posted by on Oct 2, 2018 in Music, News, Powerpop | 2 comments

Dave Hill & Valley Lodge – Fog Machine

Dave Hill & Valley Lodge – Fog Machine

I’ve always thought of Dave Hill of Valley Lodge as a comedian who happens to write good songs. One listen to his band’s latest and you may come to the same realization as I. Hill is first and foremost a songwriter and Fog Machine is an excellent power pop record.

dave hill valley lodgeStraddling the line between catchy and kitschy, metal and power pop, bubblegum and glam, Hill & Co. take us through 14 killer tracks of rock ‘n’ roll goodness. The song “I’m Gone” is a case in point. This break up song may contain the lyric of the year. “Not sure how much more I can stand. I mean, c’mon. I live in a van”. And the opening bells are perfect.

“It’s Alright” has a decidedly bubblegum flavor to it, not dissimilar to The Sweet’s “Blockbuster”.

But on an album full of killer cuts and entertaining lyrics, “Let’s Go To The Woods” is the coup de grace. With a slightly sinister vibe and filthy, dirty guitar, it’s brilliant. In this day of PC, the lyrics are a breath of fresh air, too. “Wake me, shake me, resuscitate me. Let me be your man. Let’s swing by the fridge and grab a bottle, box or can….It’s cold, it’s dark. Got kicked out of the park. We got nowhere to be. Let’s go to the woods, you and me.”

All of the past three Valley Lodge albums have their virtues. I’d recommend any of them as well as Hill’s collaboration with Chris Reifert (Autopsy) as Painted Doll. That having been said, Fog Machine is a cut above all of them. Every song has something unique and fun about it. Due for release on October 19 via Tee Pee Records, you can order the CD HERE. If you prefer the digital version, get it on iTunes HERE. Finally, you can learn a little bit about dave Hill the author HERE and HERE.

Here’s a preview for the new song “Stand”:


  1. This album is killer, front to back! No filler here. Highly recommended!

    • Hey Chaz – I completely agree. Thanks for leaving a very astute comment. Feel free to stop by and do so again any time!


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