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Posted by on Jun 12, 2018 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Dave Sheinin – First Thing Tomorrow

Dave Sheinin – First Thing Tomorrow

If there were an award given for Most Pleasant Surprise of 2018, it would have to go to Dave Sheinin, sports writer for the Washington Post. That’s right, I said sports writer. As it turns out, he also pens one helluva song. Ten songs, really. With hooks bigger than a Clayton Kershaw curveball, First Thing Tomorrow is a real winner.

dave sheininMuch in the same way I can’t resist a bad pun, you won’t be able to resist Sheinin’s smart and insightful lyrics. With a little help from his friends, most notably Baltimore’s own Andy Bopp (Myracle Brah, Love Nut), the melodies are more than memorable, too. “Oh Amelia” is a prime example. With jangle to spare, this track sounds eerily similar to something one might expect from the likes of Baltimore legends, Greenberry Woods.

Dave really channels the west coast vibe effectively with “Little California”. “Lies” and “What’s the Matter” are winners, too. But the highlight of all highlights may be “Talking to Myself”. A candid look in the proverbial mirror, it’s genuine and honest. Add a pounding beat and chiming guitars and the end result is one of my favorite songs from 2018 so far.

You can get Dave Sheinin’s First Thing Tomorrow from any number of outlets including Kool Kat Musik (CD) and Amazon (mp3). Pick it up. You won’t be sorry.