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Posted by on Jul 24, 2018 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Mooner’s Satisfaction-Promise

Mooner’s Satisfaction-Promise

Their last LP, 2015’s Masterpiece, was one of that year’s best. In fact, it was on this blog’s list of best power pop albums of the year. With Satisfaction-promise, Mooner stretches it’s creative muscle while remaining true to it’s Midwestern power pop roots. Each tempo change, production trick or bit of guitar noise helps to create an interesting twist or peculiar turn, all without loosing sight of the most important element – the hook.

With the very catchy “The Stand-In”, keyboards propel the song along right into a very catchy chorus while guitars play a subservient role – until the solo. “I Don’t Know How” is a beautiful song albeit a step or two slower. This song, like several others on Satisfaction-promise, remind me of White Album era Beatles.

Juxtapose that with the bounce of the next track up, “The Whole World Falls Down”. Add the very melodic “Desire” and the more angular XTC like “One in a Million” as additional highlights.

The disk closes with it’s best efforts, though. “Slow Parade of Love” takes antelope-like strides until it falls into perfectly placed harmonies. And the even better placed guitar distortion is absolutely gorgeous.

Finally, Satisfaction-promise closes with a good, old fashioned bar room piano number entitled “Name Your Shame”. My only criticism is a small one. There’s a short intro track that doesn’t contribute much to the album, really. It easily cold have been left out and no one would have missed it.

Digital album release is set for August 4 but you can pre-order it now. Those who pre-order get one track now (“The Stand-In”) and the remaining tracks on the release date. CDs are available in a limited quantity of 300, so if that’s your chosen medium, order yours now.