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Posted by on May 17, 2016 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Review: Colman Gota – Tape

Review: Colman Gota – Tape

Colman Gota’s latest release pays homage to the “fan tape” of yesterday. Here’s the skinny on Tape in Gota’s words:

“This new album is more optimistic in its content, than its predecessor “Play to Lose”. It deals with hope and dreams, change and it also pays tribute to r´n´r from the perspective of the fan (tape) and the band (Sing your song).”

The alt-rock feel of the opening track, “Waiting for a Change” pulls you right in with its catchy melody and loose, almost Westerberg like sound. “Another Chance” has a killer hook as its chorus and the background vocals propel the song along nicely. But it’s the middle to latter songs on the disc that make this album a cut above most of what you’ll hear this year.

There’s an irresistible melody behind “A Long Week Ahead”. An absolute joy to this fan’s ears, “Let Me Be” is reminiscent of Chris Mars at his best ala Horseshoes and Hand Grenades or 75% Less Fat, two of my favorite discs of the ’90’s.

colman gota tapeHowever, the shiniest gem in this collection (and there are more than a few) is “Do What I Want”. Gota so effectively asks the question, why do that soul-sucking job, anyway? And the incredibly infectious chorus will make you want to sing along.

Colman goes on to say:

“These might not be the best times for the music industry, but in terms of creativity i´m writing more songs than ever. In fact I´ve written 31 for a future new album which i will hopefully record with Mitch Easter and John PFiffner sometime in the future. I treasure recording with Mitch and John amongst the best experiences in my musical journey.”

I’m really looking forward to said 31 songs as Tape is a real winner. Buy Tape in it’s digital form thru Amazon or get the physical CD from Kool Kat Musik.