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Posted by on Mar 20, 2017 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Well Wishers’ Covered (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Well Wishers’ Covered (FREE DOWNLOAD)

A worthwhile cover album promises Three things. It reminds us of songs we’ve always loved. It introduces us well wishers coveredto an outstanding song or two by a band that we may not be familiar with. Finally, it takes a well known song and gives it a unique twist, making it new again. Check, check and check. With Covered, Jeff Shelton’s Well Wishers have given us a cover album that hits all the sweet spots and delivers on all it’s promises.

Wait..did I mention It’s a free download?! That’s right. I said FREE Download. Promise.

Here’s the skinny on Covered In Shelton’s own words:

“Over the past 13+ years as the Well Wishers I’ve amassed a healthy dose of cover songs. Some have appeared on proper WW albums… some on various tribute albums….and some
have just lingered in the recesses of long-forgotten recording sessions. Now, they are all here in one complete package. For a limited time…”Covered” will be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.”

The song I always loved? That would be Dave Alvin “Fourth of July”. Shelton chooses to do this cover closer to the version X made somewhat popular (although not nearly as popular as it should have been, in my opinion). No, wait. It’s Abba’s “Suzy Hang Around”. It’s a great (and I mean GREAT) pop song and a testament to Shelton’s good taste, I might add. And how ‘bout the cover of Tom Petty’s “When The Time Comes”?

Covered delivers on the best promise of all. Thanks to Covered, I’ve got new music to discover. Shelton’s version of The Nils’ “Fountain” kicks ass. I need to hear more. I’ll be looking into The Nils’ catalog sooner than later.

Finally, there’s the track with a unique twist that really works. Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound Of Silence” starts out with an arrangement similar to what we’re used to. Then the song propels itself into an all-out jangle fest. It’s a great original tweeked and messaged into a unique, very appealing new sound.

And there’s covers of other great songs by the likes of Bowie, OMD, Big Star (!!!), just to name a few. Remember, it’s only available for a limited time. Get your FREE DOWNLOAD here.

It’s worth noting that Covered follows one of 2016’s best power pop albums, The Well Wishers’ Comes And Goes. So after you’ve downloaded Covered, you may want to check out Comes And Goes. You can BUY THAT ONE HERE.