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Posted by on Jun 7, 2016 in Music, News, Powerpop |

CD Review: Arvidson and Butterflies

CD Review: Arvidson and Butterflies

Roger Arvidson’s latest, Arvidson and Butterflies, can only be described as a janglefest. With several songs co-written with Wayne “Ice Cream Man” Ford and surrounded by a cracker-jack band of musicians, you’re sure to enjoy this collection of top notch Byrds influenced power pop tunes.

cover avidsonThe chiming intro to “Tired of Running” pulls the listener in from the start, making a perfect opening track to the album. Another pop gem, “Lights Go Out” has a feel to it reminiscent of Dwight Twilley and would have been a hit back in the day. The melody to “Butterflies” is so infectious you’ll be humming this one before the second chorus. And these are just the opening three tracks.

The songs are bright, the harmonies are gorgeous and the melodies are uplifting. With every song a keeper, Arvidson & Butterflies is a must for those who dig that jangly Byrds sound with all hooks, no filler. This one is another fine Kool Kat Musik release so you can get your copy HERE.



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