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Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Tommy & The Rockets’ Beer & Fun & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Tommy & The Rockets’ Beer & Fun & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Michael Chaney has a penchant for writing short, energetic pop gems, so much so that he’s earned Little Steven’s Garage “coolest songs in the world” recognition several times (Most recently with Kurt Baker, Geoff Palmer and Brad Marino as New Trocaderos). As Tommy & The Rockets, Chaney teams up with Thomas Stubgaard to create Beer & Fun & Rock ‘n’ Roll, a release that one might describe as the perfect sound for summer.

tommy and the rocketsJust like Billy Bremner’s “Loud Music In Cars”, the songs on Beer & Fun & Rock ‘n’ Roll have that carefree vibe that demands that you put the top down and crank the volume. It’s the essence of the Beach Boys, Rockpile and The Ramones all rolled into one.

Irresistible Beach Boys harmonies start from the opening title track and into “Here Comes Summer”, a song that’s basically one big hook from start to finish. The tempo change is a nice touch here. You’ll hear The Ramones in tracks like “What Am I ‘Sposed to Do” and “You Want Me But I Don’t Want You”.

Other highlights are “Take My Advice”, a lyrical gem about a pair of sisters, and “Need Your Love” a classic 3 minute rocker.

Get the physical product (CD) or digital recording at the band’s Bandcamp page.