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Posted by on Jun 15, 2021 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Deadlights – Deadlights

Deadlights – Deadlights

Whether it’s with Spinning Jennies or Well Wishers, one can always count on Jeff Shelton for pleasing melodies, an abundance of hooks and the requisite amount of guitar jangle. He takes a slightly different route with Deadlights but the results are equally as satisfying.

I’ve heard this latest record described as a melding of brit pop and shoegaze. I’m not at all sure what that means. I hear sonic paintings not unlike those created by Swervedriver or My Bloody Valentine. Shelton manages to capture a similar ethereal quality while maintaining the pop sensibility Well Wishers fans have become accustomed to.

“Breaking Down” opens with an acoustic and bass. A somewhat sparse beginning opens up into a world of swirling guitars and a melody that dominates the composition despite the electric painting behind it. “Come Down Slowly” is another highlight with guitars that chime and bouncy bass work courtesy of Mark Nicholson.

“All We Love” is a departure from the rest of Deadlights with a slower tempo, an understated guitar approach and lovely lead vocals from Lindsay Murray of Gretchen’s Wheel. It’s a surprise within a surprise and another reason to pick this one up.

Deadlights is an album for those who want more than a passive listening experience. You can crank it up in the car and it’ll still sound great but as Shelton describes it, “It’s a glass of wine and headphones album”. Deadlights is available at Kool Kat Musik or the Deadlights Bandcamp page.