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Posted by on Apr 3, 2024 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Wesley Fuller – All Fuller, No Filler

Wesley Fuller – All Fuller, No Filler

The opening track of Wesley Fuller’s new one, All Fuller, No Filler, best expresses its reason for being. His career momentum, accelerated by the release of Inner City Dreams, stalled during the pandemic as he was unable to tour or play locally. Detached from the Melbourne scene and adrift after having ended a relationship, Fuller was indeed “Back To Square One”.

This track, like much of the album, has a 70’s retro or psych pop feel to it. Abundant hooks and sing along choruses make All Fuller, No Filler a memorable listening experience.

Prime Australian Power Pop

Based on a Melbourne train, “Alamein Line” is a catchy slice of pop with dynamic, ringing guitars, a memorable chorus and elements that may remind one of 70’s or early 80’s new wave. Wesley explains its genesis as follows:

“At a house party in Hawthorn one night, I overheard a girl on the phone to a friend. Her friend was running super late as her train was delayed, and then she got off at the wrong station and was asking for directions. During the conversation, she remarked “Oh I fucking hate the Alamein Line”.

The pop hooks come fast and often as “Jacaranda” and “Pacific Coast Highway” boast catchy choruses with engaging harmonies and wonderfully delivered backing vocals. The string arrangements and vocal calisthenics on “Worthwhile” are exactly that. “Look No Further” has a lovely Beach Boys vibe to it. A bit more muscular than other tracks on the album, “Trade War” has a monster hook of a chorus that makes it impossible to ignore.

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Wesley Fuller’s All Fuller, No Filler is yet anther outstanding Australian power pop export. Must be something in the water down under. Get the CD at KOOL KAT MUSIK.