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Posted by on Apr 10, 2024 in Music, News, Powerpop |

The Amplifierheads’ They Came to Rock

The Amplifierheads’ They Came to Rock

Is there a genre called “extra-terrestrial rock”? If so, Sal Baglio has mastered it. The Amplifierheads’ latest release, They Came to Rock, was created as a soundtrack to a rock opera about an alien invasion. It’s a trip through space and time – emphasis on trip. And it’s outta this world good.

The talent involved in the project is a musical “A” list. There’s Dave Mattacks (Fairport Convention), Tom West (Peter Wolf), Jen D’Angora and Dan Kopko (Shanghi Los), Barrence Whitfield, Richard Hilton (Nile Rogers Band) and Henley Douglas Jr. (The Henley Douglas Group, HDRnB). The album is as stylistically diverse as those involved. This diversity makes sense as the aliens I know don’t subscribe to a singular genre. They just wanna rawk. And the narrative track in between each song serves as an effective element, holding it all together nicely.

Sun Records, the Moon and a Dead Star

Propelled by Henley Douglas Jr’s sax, the opening title track creates a picture (in my twisted mind, anyway) of extra-terrestrials  in Kiss makeup as they land in Woodstock instead of Grover’s Mill, NJ. Sorry, Mr. Wells.

The country twang of “They Heard My Radio” juxtaposes the opening track perfectly with its area 51, rural vibe. Dan Kopko’s “Dead Star” is brilliant as is the west coast surf sound of “The Best It’s Gonna Be”. If you dig girl groups, you’ll love Jen D’Angora’s performance in “That Girl Betty”. And what extra-terrestrial musical endeavor would be complete without a Sun Records style recording. “The Moon Rocks” is Eddie Cochran, Elvis Presley and Bill Haley and the Comets (all puns above intended) rolled into one. Simply awesome.

Every track on They Came to Rock is worthwhile. That said, “Space Cadette” is the monster single here. If you’re a fan of Australian garage bands such as The Chevelles, you’ll absolutely love this one. In a more advanced world, “Space Cadette” is an intergalactic #1 hit.  

Get The Amplifierheads’ They Came to Rock

There’s a real sense of fun with The Amplifierheads’ The Came to Rock. The story is silly enough to make you smile, the songs are imaginative, and the performances are top notch. Most importantly, it’ll rock your socks off. Get your copy from the band’s Bandcamp site. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

NOTE: Sal Baglio is also the host of Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Letter, heard on WaveBoston Radio. His show happens LIVE every Wednesday night from 6 to 8pm. You’ll hear the best music in the cosmos, old and new.