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Posted by on Nov 13, 2015 in News, Powerpop Chords, powerpop guitar chords, pub rock |

Powerpop Chords – Billy Bremner’s Loud Music in Cars

Powerpop Chords – Billy Bremner’s Loud Music in Cars

Billy Bremner and Rockpile were perhaps the best rockabilly influenced powerpop band of the 1980’s even though their only release, Seconds of Pleasure came out that year (1980). Rockpile was a “supergroup” of sorts made up of one of powerpop’s greatest songwriters, Nick Lowe, one of the greatest guitarists of his day, Dave Edmunds, a dynamic drummer in Terry Williams and of course, Bremner. Other than the song “Heart” in which Bremner tackled lead vocal responsibilities, singing duties were handled on Seconds of Pleasure by either Lowe or Edmunds.

After Rockpile disbanded, Billy Bremner released Bash, his first solo recording. Produced by Will Burch of The Records, Bash was a pretty solid effort. Most notably, it featured a single that was so catchy it would reach #1 in the UK. While it didn’t make a big dent in America, its a track that resonates to this day with just about everyone who hears it. “Loud Music in Cars” is the first song I play each spring – after I put my sunglasses on and rev the engine to the family minivan. Hey – that’s how I roll.

Here are the chords to every middle aged man’s favorite start-of-the-summer song.

Billy Bremner Loud Music In Cars