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Posted by on Apr 17, 2024 in Music, News, Powerpop | 1 comment

Dave Cope & The Sass – Hidden From the World

Dave Cope & The Sass – Hidden From the World

One of Philadelphia’s best is back with his sixth full length album. We liked 2022’s Julee plenty. But Dave Cope’s latest, Hidden From the World, is more of a hooky, power pop effort than the last couple of releases. Not only are the choruses catchy and harmonies engaging but you’ll hear a few things you may never have heard before.

Saz’s All, Folks!

The opening track, “All Alright”, starts out with a wandering radio dial until suddenly we hear the buzz of a guitar. When the 70’s hair band inspired “All Alright” kicks in (and I do mean KICKS in), we begin a roller coaster ride with Dave at the controls. Speaking of roller coasters, “One Hell of a Ride” features a joyfully big chorus and an instrument known to some as a Saz. It’s distinctive and kinda cool.  The more soulful “Settle Down” almost has a Squeeze feel to it.   

Cope takes a minimalist approach with “Where Have I Been All My Life”, an introspective piece and one of my favorites on the album. The 60’s stylings of “Precious Heart” are a jangly delight. Fact is, there isn’t a throwaway track in the bunch. The songs are smart, the arrangements engaging and the hooks, effective. It’s a winner.

Get Dave Cope & The Sass’ Latest

If this is your introduction to Dave’s stuff, fans of 60’s and 70’s music, Todd Rundgren, Brian Wilson and Big Star will really enjoy this album. You can get Dave Cope’s latest, Hidden From the World, at Amazon,  Kool Kat Musik and anywhere finer music is sold.

1 Comment

  1. Dave Cope is a musical Genius!!