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Posted by on Mar 27, 2024 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Popdudes – The Denny Laine EP

Popdudes – The Denny Laine EP

People choose to mourn in any number of ways. With the passing of Denny Laine this past December, the guys in Popdudes decided to get together and record a few of his classic songs. “We just thought it would make us feel better about Denny’s recent passing to do some of our favorite Wings songs that featured him. We knocked this out in a few days.” 

The end result is The Denny Laine EP, a 5 song selection of covers representing some of Laine’s most enduring work. Performed by music veterans John Borack, Michael Simmons, Addison Love and Stephen Alva, the EP provides us the opportunity to look back on these classics again – and remind us of just how huge a talent Laine really was.

The guys lead off with “No Words”, a McCartney/Laine tune from 1973’s Band on the Run. True to the original, the brass and string arrangements are a joy to hear. From Venus and Mars, Popdudes chose to cover “Spirits of Ancient Egypt”. Alva’s vocals here are memorable. 

The guys had the good sense to include “The Note You Never Wrote”,  a lyrical gem and one of my all time faves. Add “Again and Again and Again” and “Time to Hide” and you’ve got one stellar EP.

Get Popdudes’ The Denny Laine EP at their bandcamp page.