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Posted by on Apr 29, 2014 in Music, News | 0 comments

The Forty Nineteens’ Spin It – CD Review

The Forty Nineteens’ Spin It – CD Review

forty-nineteens-spin-itThe Forty Nineteens’ follow up to their 2012 debut album is here and its a very pleasant surprise. Apparently, they’re another “big in Japan” band that hasn’t quite made it here other than on college radio. Hopefully, Spin It will change that.

Having just seen The Fleshtones in Greensboro a few weeks ago, its easy to make comparisons. Spin It consists mostly of high energy rock-pop numbers with catchy melodies, na-na-na’s and keyboard embellishments peppered judiciously throughout. Short bursts of high energy pop and everything said in under 3 minutes – in that respect they kind of remind me of the Plimsouls, The Split Squad or The Tearaways. Being that they’re from California, The Beat Farmers minus the sophomoric sense of humor may be a reasonable comparison.

Spin It consists of seven of the best tracks I’ve heard in the first half of 2o14. My only criticism is the cover of The Stones’ “Dead Flowers” which concludes the disc. While its a more than adequate performance, it isn’t a big enough departure from the original. I will never understand why bands give a straight ahead performance of a classic. Why paint a masterpiece and follow that up by showing everybody a Picasso? Even great art loses a bit of its luster when compared to a Picasso.

Still, the songs on Spin It are some of the most memorable so far this year. If the hook filled opening cut, “Falling Down” doesn’t get you, the irresistible Question Mark & The Mysterians style keyboards on “She’s No Good” will. The best song on the disc though, may be “Have a Good Time” with its summer vibe and catchy, sing-along chorus.

The Forty Nineteens’ Spin It is sure to make the end of year list of top ten. This disc is highly recommended.

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