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Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in Concert Reviews, Music, News | 5 comments

Fleshtones’ Wheel of Talent Stops in Greensboro

Fleshtones’ Wheel of Talent Stops in Greensboro

The Fleshtones opened their set at Greensboro’s Blind Tiger with an old favorite, “Hitsburg USA”, and turned it up a notch with each and every song. Peter Zaremba, Keith Streng & Co. played material from Roman Gods, More Than Skin Deep and Laboratory of Sound, as well as from several other of their 21 classic studio albums.

Photo: Chris Lubinski

Photo: Chris Lubinski

Some of the evenings highlights included “Let’s Go”, “I Was a Teenage Zombie”, “Laugh It Off”, and a few from the new LP, Wheel of Talent. New material performed included “Remember the Ramones” (a spirited tribute to dem guys from Queens) and a new classic, “It Is As It Was”. And with the greatest sense of humor in rock today, what would a Fleshtones set be without “Shiney Hiney”?Fortunately, they played that one too.

At various points throughout the evening, you might find Streng playing his guitar while standing on the chair next to you. Those at the bar could glance up and see Zaremba standing above them, belting out an anthemic chorus with such conviction that it bordered on a southern revival. This wasn’t just any rock show. Those in attendance had a Goddam religious experience.

And there’s the rub. Where the hell was everybody – the unwashed masses hungry for rock n’ roll salvation? Watching the NCCA basketball tournament? Really? Is there any guess as to why we don’t get rock legends to come to this town but once every seven years?

Greensboro can kiss my shiney hiney.


  1. Saw America’s greatest band a couple of weeks back in New Jersey. Phenomenal as usual.Can’t explain small crowds except you have to be there to experience Super-Rock. It is a religious awakening.

    • Robert – Thanks so much for leaving a comment. While I’ve been a long time fan, it was the first time I’d had the opportunity to experience them. One doesn’t just see or hear The Fleshtones. One EXPERIENCES them. They’re not just great songwriters and musicians, they are terrific entertainers. They “get it”.

      And evidently, so do you. Thanks so much for stopping by and reinforcing my point.


  2. Yeah, bummer more people weren’t out. We tried our best on Facebook, Twitter and hung up a second set of posters all over – told everyone we could. We had several no-shows from our usuals, which was pretty crappy – though some actually had a stomach virus. I heard Chapel Hill wasn’t great either. Starting to think it’s just the state…

    • Firstly, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Sorry to hear Chapel Hill wasn’t much better. My experience with Chapel Hill runs hot and cold. I’ve seen some great talent where folks have shown up one night and then, inexplicably they don’t show up the next night for an equally talented band. It defies explanation. You’re not the only one starting to think its the state. But believe me when I say its worse in Greensboro. This place is a cultural blackhole.

      A photographer friend of mine who was at the show gave me more great photos last night that I’ll post in the next week or two once I get his authorization. If you have any interest in seeing some great Fleshtones pix, stay tuned.

      Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. I agree, Richard. The Fleshtones are the Kings! Getting to play with them was a highlight for me. Cool guys, so cool that they even helped us load our gear. Not sure why promoters at Coachella and others aren’t putting this band on the bill.