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Posted by on May 18, 2022 in Music, News, Powerpop |

The Oh Wells – Dakota

The Oh Wells – Dakota

Last year, two former members of Super Deluxe (Braden Blake and Ira Merrill) got together with folk rocker Brian Kerrigan to record an excellent Christmas EP. Recording under the name Braden Blake and the Oh Wells, the trio’s Satin Bows (and Arrows) found its way onto last year’s best of list. Merrill and Kerrigan are back as The Oh Wells (sans Blake) with Dakota, another melodic gem worthy of any pop fan’s attention.

Gone are the big guitars and feedback of the former, replaced by acoustic strums and melodic harmonies.  Merrill and Kerrigan share lead vocal duties and each performs admirably in that role. Here’s the big takeaway – just as with Super Deluxe and later Braden Blake & The Oh Wells, the songs are smart, catchy and the harmonies are spot on.

The jangly “The Day We Kissed” starts things off on the right foot. With lyrics like You’re the check to my mate there is little debate. Did I mention you’re always right?” this tune resonates with any guy who recognizes that he may have outkicked his coverage, so to speak. “Wafflehouse Waitress” may be my favorite musical character sketch since The Green Pajamas’ “Kim The Waitress”.

There isn’t a wasted moment throughout the entire EP, right down to the 52 second closing song entitled “Forgive Your Friends”. A contribution from Braden Blake and recorded on his iphone, it was originally meant as a cheer up message for his niece. Blake played it for the guys and they loved it. Ira and Brian added background harmonies and viola. It’s the final track of a stellar EP.

Don’t Miss The Oh Wells’ Dakota

Ira was kind enough to share some exciting news for later this year – another Braden Blake & The Oh Wells project is in the works. In the meantime, Dakota is here and you don’t want to miss it. This “name your price” EP is worthy of whatever you can afford to pay.  Get your copy of The Oh Wells’ Dakota HERE.