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Posted by on Dec 18, 2018 in News | 1 comment

Dana Countryman – Cabaret of Love

Dana Countryman – Cabaret of Love

Every once in a while, you hear an artist or album that has it all. With Dana Countryman’s Cabaret of Love, you get great vocal performances, interesting arrangements and most notably, songs you wanna hum along to.

Take for example, “If I Had a Girl”. Its Burt Bacharach meets Queen – and it works remarkably well. Horns and harmonies…beautiful. With the help of Jamie Hoover’s guitar work, “Just See if I Care” conjures up some old Beatles magic. And it’s oh-so catchy melody makes it stick with you well after the first listen.

Need a break from the frigid winter weather? Escape into “Summer Sand” with it’s gorgeous Beach Boys style harmonies. And for those who live for this time of year, Countryman gives us “Gonna Be Home for Christmas”. Every year, we hear a great deal of Christmas music come out, all pretty much the same.  Countryman gives us a Christmas song we want to hear again and again. It’s a great little tune. “Gonna Be Home…” will clearly have its place on my Holiday playlist.

Get Dana Countryman’s Cabaret of Love in CD format at Amazon or in digital mp3 format from his Bandcamp page. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

1 Comment