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Posted by on Jan 18, 2022 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Split Squad – Another Cinderella

Split Squad – Another Cinderella

As soon as I hear the word supergroup, I worry. Liberal use of the term can lead to utter disappointment. It’s one often used to describe The Split Squad, with it’s members deriving from some of the best bands of the last 30 years. There’s Keith Streng (Fleshtones), Eddie Munoz (Plimsouls), Clem Burke (Blondie), and Michael Giblin (Cherry Twister). Fortunately, there’s no need to worry this time. The Split Squad’s latest, Another Cinderella, is a ton o’ fun.

The opening track, “Hey DJ”, is an up tempo, rip-snortin’ piece of classic power pop and one of my favorite tracks from 2021. This song would have been a hit in the 80’s. I know that sounds cliché but it’s true.

If psychedelic Revolver era power pop is your thing, the guys give you “Taxi Cab”, a hypnotically entrancing 3 minutes and 38 second trip. Keith Streng’s fingerprints are all over two tracks in particular, “Showstopper” and “Bigger Than Heroin”. As a long time Fleshtones fan, these tracks really resonate with me. Ironically, the title song is the only one that I’m less than enthusiastic about.

Often, when a group of superior musicians get together on occasional projects, the whole turns out to be less than the sum of it’s parts. Since Split Squad allows for each individual member to shine on individual tracks, that doesn’t happen here. It’s also worth mentioning that the disc features appearances by a number of other pop luminaries including Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows/Minus 5), Jason Victor (The Dream Syndicate), Brian Hurd (Daddy Long Legs), and David Minehan (The Neighborhoods/The Replacements).

You can get the digital product at the band’s Bandcamp page. If you’re dying for a CD (as I am), then Kool Kat Musik is the place. GET IT THERE.