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Posted by on Apr 5, 2016 in Music, News, Powerpop |

The Lash Outs – State of Excess

The Lash Outs – State of Excess

The Lash Outs are more than just your average pop-punk band. Yes, they basically adhere to the fast, loud and under 3 minute long punk-pop edict. But on their new LP, State of Excess the band also incorporates elements of heavy metal and hard rock.

lash outs state of excessIn their own words, The Lash Outs have attempted to ”express a common dude’s observations on consumerism and spoiled young people combined with the familiar themes of fear, anxiety, and social ineptitude” with this, their third LP. Produced by Steven Egerton (All, The Descendents), State of Excess shares some similarities with their predecessors – no frills production and hooks aplenty. Egerton’s studio is in Tulsa and the band is from Dallas, so even their proximity from each other makes sense.

The LP’s second track, “Sha La La” is one big pop hook and indicative of the same kind of sensibilities that made the songs of The Descendents and All so memorable. The mid-tempo “Light and Sound” and the bouncy “Mistakes” provide for a great change of pace while the title track, “State of Excess” offers a little bit of humor and social commentary.

Three of the best tracks still remain. “Don’t Know Why” is not only a pretty funny song, it’s so damn catchy you’ll swear you’ve heard it before but trust me. You haven’t. “Bowels of Time” not only shows off the band’s grasp of different genres, it’s the only instrumental I’ve heard in the last year or so that I actually thought was worth my attention.

Next, All and Decsendents fans will dig the 2 minute assault of “Retail Therapy”. Finally, State of Excess winds down (or is it up) with the rockin’ “Work To Get By”, a bit of social commentary that also kicks ass. Not every track is a keeper but there’s plenty here for those of us who enjoy our pop hooks with a Red Bull chaser or three.

Get your digital copy here or the physical product (CD) at Kool Kat Musik.