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Posted by on Dec 4, 2019 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Dave Cope and The Sass – S/T

Dave Cope and The Sass – S/T

The Beach Boys vocal beginning to “Seeing Things” gives is a great idea of what’s in store for the listener on Dave Cope’s latest effort. It’s well written 70’s era pop with catchy choruses and time appropriate embellishments.

The short but sweet “Living in the Middle” is the perfect radio ready single. All hook and no excess, it’s 3 minutes of power pop glory. “My Way Out” is a Beatles/XTC hybrid with an Old Brown Shoe reference for good measure. If it’s psyche pop you need, “Show Your Love” will scratch that itch just right.

I was immediately transported to the White Album era with the delicate “Dog Days”. And Dave saves the best for last with the ELO like “Brings My Whole Day Down”.

If you wear your influences on your sleeve (and they happen to be the greatest of all time), you better have the chops to pull it off. Dave Cope and the Sass do. In fact, this release is superlative in every way. Expect to see this album in the end of year top power pop list. Thanks to Don Valentine of I Don’t Hear a Single for making me aware of it.

Get your copy of Dave Cope and The Sass from their Bandcamp page. GET IT NOW.