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Posted by on Jan 3, 2024 in Music, News, Powerpop | 1 comment

Best Power Pop Songs of 2023

Best Power Pop Songs of 2023

Last week, we listed our best power pop albums of 2023. This week, we focus on our favorite power pop songs of the year 2023. Once again, we kept the list short (only 23) with the caveat that no artist can have multiple songs included. Here it is. The PPN Best Power Pop Songs of 2023:

  1. Bill Lloyd – Half Mast
  2. The Summertimes – Password
  3. Jamie Hoover – Bourbon Understands
  4. The Speedways – A Drop In The Ocean
  5. The Tearaways – Are You F*cking Kidding Me
  6. The Rallies – It Must Be Love
  7. Meyerman – Handclaps & Tamborines
  8. Tripwires – Her Eyes Died
  9. Dave Kuchler – Labor of Love
  10. The Genuine Fakes – Two Fine Lovers
  11. Ian M Bailey – Pray For Me
  12. The Decibels – Why Bother With Us
  13. Paul McCann – Lost In The Moment
  14. Steve Stoeckel – Just One Kiss
  15. Somerdale – Better Without you
  16. Richard Turgeon – Don’t Forget Me When You’re Gone
  17. Anderson Council – Messed Up My Mind 
  18. The Amplifier Heads – When We Go Home Again
  19. The On and Ons – Let Ya Hair Down
  20. Ex Norwegian – Thin White Lies
  21. John Dunbar – I Wonder If She Colors Her Hair
  22. Brad Marino – Lucy
  23. The Foreign Films – Cosmic Lover

Again, each artist is afforded only a single entry. Also, it should be noted that this list includes single tracks, not necessarily singles in the traditional sense (tracks released apart from an album release). While there are a few included, since PPN does not review “singles”, lists elsewhere will most certainly look much different than ours.

That said, hopefully you’ll discover something new from the above list – perhaps something you may have missed otherwise. Happy New Year!

1 Comment

  1. Great year for power pop. It always is. Year after year, song after song.