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Posted by on Jan 4, 2023 in Music, News, Powerpop | 4 comments

Best Power Pop Songs of 2022

Best Power Pop Songs of 2022

Last week, we released our Best Power Pop Albums of 2022 list. There were so many outstanding records this past year that it seems only right to include a 22 Best Power Pop Songs of 2022 list, too. So here it is.

I decided that it should be kept to one song per artist and I excluded Jamie Hoover’s “Kim Kardashian” as I can’t be impartial – I’m the one to blame for the song’s lyrics. So you can be the judge of that one.

Here we go. These are my favorite tracks from 2022:

  1. Greg Pope – Sorry I Wrote This Song
  2. Sloan – Keep Your Name Alive
  3. Glad Machine – Days Gone By
  4. Eytan Mirsky – Pile of Leaves
  5. Bob Burger – Pain In the Ass
  6. Sun Sawed in ½ – Twist of Lemon
  7. Emperor Penguin – How I Won the War
  8. Airport 77’s – Illustrated Book of Cupid
  9. JellyFox – Joshua
  10. Hoover & Martinez – The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants
  11. The Oh Wells – Wafflehouse Waitress
  12. Seth Swirsky – I Don’t Wanna Lose You
  13. Phil Angotti – Shy Violet
  14. Push Puppets – There’s No One Else Like Lynette
  15. Andy Partridge – Let There Be Snow
  16. 2nd Grade – Strung Out On You
  17. Phil Yates & The Affiliates – I Can’t Wait
  18. Vanilla – It’s Drunk and I’m Raining
  19. Richard Turgeon – Better With You
  20. Braden Blake & The Oh Wells – December
  21. Pop Co-Op – Unquestionably I-95
  22. Amplifier Heads – GlamOrama

If you don’t see your favorite song of 2022 on this list, leave a litany of four letter words below.


  1. Thanks for including Emperor Penguin on the list!

  2. Nick piunti. I want everything

  3. I tried with “MAP” (just a three letter word!)…as IDHAS commented when reviewing my album “Where Do We Go?”, “The stand out song is probably MAP which fairly rattles along and is aided by a killer chorus.” It would be a privilege to be #23 on the list! Good fun in any case. Let’s see what 2023 brings….

  4. I nominate the Push Puppets! They are some darn good songwriters!