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Posted by on Jun 20, 2022 in Music, News, Powerpop | 2 comments

Bob Burger – The Domino Effect

Bob Burger – The Domino Effect

We all know Bob Burger as a founding member of New Jersey’s The Weeklings. The band’s most recent album found its way onto our best of power pop list of 2020. Bob’s fifth and latest solo project, The Domino Effect, shares some of the same qualities although it’s sound is a bit more eclectic.

You’ll still hear the British Invasion in much of what Bob does. That said, there is a significant Tom Petty influence in his solo work. At times I’m also reminded of the 90’s version of The Knack and for a moment, even Steve Pearson and The Heats. All in all, it makes for some great listening.

“The Suicide King” opens things up and is an example of the album’s overriding theme – the way in which one decision can send us in a direction and shape our destiny. “Even If You Don’t” is as catchy a slice of pop as you’ll hear this year.

An Instant Classic a la The Heats

When you take on a subject that’s been written about ad nauseam, you’d better make it special. With “Merely Beautiful”, Bob does exactly that. The melody is infectious. My favorite song however, may be “Pain In The Ass”. Thematically reminiscent of The Heats’ classic “I Don’t Like Your Face”, it’s lyrically on point. It’s so very relatable and Burger’s vocal delivery is perfect.

Bob is joined on the record by a host of NY/NJ musicians including Jimmy Leahey (electric guitar), Jerry Gaskill (drums), Lisa Sherman (background vocals), Arne Wendt (keyboards). John Merjave (guitars) and Plink Giglio (keyboards). Burger is on vocals, guitars, bass, keys and loops. 

Get Bob Burger’s Domino Effect Here

Get Bob Burger’s The Domino Effect has a pre-release date of June 24. The digital version can be purchased though Apple Music. Pre-order the CD version to become available through Kool Kat Musik.


  1. That says something when you compare them to The Heats. This album is just too damn good to go unnoticed.

    • One of 2022’s best! Thanks for stopping by, Curt!