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Posted by on Jun 25, 2019 in Music, News, Powerpop |

In Deed – Everest

In Deed – Everest

Guitar pop fans rejoice! With delicate but powerful vocals and guitar jangle to spare, In Deed’s Everest is one of the year’s best surprises.

With the straight forward power pop opener “What Once Was”, we’re introduced to Linda Karlsberg’s extraordinary vocal prowess. At times delicate and always expressive, it’s a trait that makes every track a delight. With its catchy chorus and 60’s styled guitars, “Don’t Need, Don’t Care” has immediate appeal. “Never Really Noticed” showcases Karlsberg’s aforementioned vocal abilities as well as introducing us to the band’s bend towards psych pop.

Other highlights include “According to You” and its harmonies, “Over and Over”’ and its keyboard parts and “Flavour of the Month”, a taste of Ska that offers something completely different and adds to a smorgasbord of good sounds.

In Deed’s Everest is yet another excellent offering from the Big Stir label so go get your copy there. Everest is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.