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Posted by on Mar 16, 2021 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Sandy McKnight w/ Fernando Perdomo – San Fernando Blitz

Sandy McKnight w/ Fernando Perdomo – San Fernando Blitz

Sandy McKnight’s San Fernando Beat was one of the best Eps of 2020. Already, he and Fernando Perdomo have given us a follow up. Here’s the kicker – San Fernando Blitz is even better.

The disc opens up with “Living on the West Side”, my favorite song of 2021 so far. For one thing, it’s lyrically brilliant. “Living on the west side. Working on the east side. Looking for the upside, baby. Here I am, standing on the other side.” Damn. That’s good.

Here’s the best part. It feels like one big, hooky chorus throughout the entirety of the song. Add to that the little things such as the counter between the lead and backing vocal toward the end of the song and you’ve got a truly wonderful piece of music.

What was it Tom Petty used to say? Don’t bore us. Get to the chorus? That’s exactly what we get with the uber-catchy “C’mon, C’mon, C’mon”. With a monster hook of a chorus and Fernando Perdomo’s incredibly expressive guitar work throughout, “C’mon” is another of this year’s favorites. Those little things again – the hand claps half way through – add a little extra to an already spectacular song.

Rather than go through this track for track, suffice it to say that Sandy McKnight’s San Fernando Blitz is a must have for any fan of melodic pop/rock and brilliant song craft. Every track is a keeper. You can get your copy at Sandy McKnight’s Bandcamp page. Frankly, you’d be nuts not to.