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Posted by on Apr 8, 2020 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Sandy McKnight – San Fernando Beat

Sandy McKnight – San Fernando Beat

An in demand session bassist since the 70’s, Sandy Mc Knight has worked with Todd Rundgren and other top-name artists as a session player. He’s produced and composed music for film and television. Now, Sandy gives us San Fernando Beat, a 6 song EP that if you’re not yet acquainted with Sandy’s work, will leave you wanting much more.

I was hooked on the first listen. The opening track, “Facing the End of the World” Is power pop perfection with as catchy a chorus as I’ve heard in quite some time. There’s a soulful quality to Sandy’s voice and serves McKnight well on the expressive “Single Flowers”. The track has jangle to spare and the harmonies remind me of Elvis Costello’s Armed Forces album.

The jangle-fest continues with “Chloe’s Gone”. “Heart in Your Hands” has a very appealing Magical Mystery Tour vibe to it. The radio friendly melody and chiming guitars of “Any Time of Day” would have made it a hit in another time.  San Fernando Beat concludes with the lyrically brilliant and musically engaging “Fake”.

Pop guru Fernando Perdomo does a masterful job co-producing the disc. His contributions cannot be overstated as he also played drums, guitars and keys. He’s a one-man tour de force.

Sandy Mc Knight’s San Fernando Beat is easily the best EP I’ve heard this year. Get your copy at or Amazon.