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Posted by on Dec 8, 2020 in Music, News, Powerpop |

Dave Caruso – Radiophonic Supersonic

Dave Caruso – Radiophonic Supersonic

2014’s Cardboard Vegas Roundabout felt like a walk down memory lane. The captivating melodies continued with 2017’s Buddha Pesto Manifesto. Radiophonic Supersonic is Dave Caruso’s latest work and his best to date.

There are an abundance of “single” worthy songs here – a nice problem to have. “Atomic Smile” is both uber-catchy and very, very clever. “Indelible” will transport you right back to 60’s AM radio.  

On “Little Miss Sunshine”, Caruso channels his inner Elvis Costello with one of the most engaging songs of 2020. It’s bouncy, radio friendly guitar pop with a big payoff – a chorus that you can’t help but sing along to. Brilliant.

Anyone who has visited PPN with any regularity knows my penchant for artists with a sense of humor. Caruso delivers big with “Throwing Out My Baby With the Bassinet”, a humorous look at a relationship that must end. The quick tempo defies the sour subject matter, making for a rather delightful send up.  The wonderful harmonies in the final track, “Tuesday’s Gone” make it sneaky good.

Here’s a little bit about Radiophonic Supersonic in Dave’s own words:

“On this fourth album, Radiophonic Supersonic, I had more studio experience, I’d gotten better on guitar and I’d become more patient with my voice, plus I was more equipped as a songwriter and arranger to get the sounds out of my head and into the tracks. With Brad Jones and Andy Reed on board, I knew the record was in the best of hands.”

You can get Dave Caruso’s Radiophonic Supersonic at his Bandcamp page or his website. If you’re looking for a songwriting coach, he’s pretty damn good at that, too. Visit Dave’s website for more info.

Expect Radiophonic Supersonic to make an appearance in this site’s end of year top power pop albums – Highly Recommended.